The link between research and teaching

The link between research and teaching

In a rapidly changing society where most of the jobs of the future do not yet exist, agility and the ability to ‘learn to learn’ are key assets for a successful career. To develop these capacities, the Saint-Étienne School of Economics emphasises the importance of research right from the onset of the bachelor’s programme. In the master’s programme, students are taught to undertake research and, in doing so, are able to open the door to doctoral studies.

The bachelor’s programme: early exposure to research

Workshops on different themes take place in all three years of the bachelor’s programme, making students aware of the importance of research and introducing them to key contemporary and future economic issues (e.g. Democracy and Economics, Inequalities, Environment and Global Health, Economics in the Digital Era).

Most of the teaching is dispensed by lecturers who are part of the GATE CNRS research unit, as well as lecturers from the Institut Camille Jordan (mathematics) and the Hubert Curien (mathematics), COACTIS (management), and Triangle (political science) research units.

The master’s programme: specific expertise in the use of public and private decision-making support systems

  • There is a strong emphasis on collective decision-making, local and regional development, and innovation, taking a multidisciplinary approach and drawing on the specific expertise of the GATE CNRS research unit.
  • Students on the master’s programme can attend the research seminars and conferences organised by the GATE CNRS research unit.
  • The School’s lecturers contribute towards the design of the doctoral school programme.