Université Jean Monnet - UJM

    • Does Urbanization Cause Crime? Evidence from Rural-Urban Migration in South Africa

      Authors : Nelly Exbrayat, Victor Stephane
      Abstract :  We study the impact of urbanization driven by internal migration on crime in South Africa. We create a new dataset that combines yearly data on crime...

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    • Evaluating the impact of public policies on large firms: a synthetic control approach to science-industry transfer policies

      Authors : Corinne Autant-Bernard, Ruben Fotso, Nadine Massard
      Abstract : Large firms receive the majority of public R&D funding in most countries. Due to methodological difficulties, however, evaluation...

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    • FOPPA: an open database of French public procurement award notices from 2010-2020

      Authors : Lucas Potin, Vincent Labatut, Rosa Figueiredo, Christine Largeron and Pierre-Henri Morand
      Abstract : Public Procurement refers to governments’ purchasing activities of goods, services, and construction...

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