Student life

Student life at Saint-Etienne school of economics

Students studying at SE² benefit from the student services offered by Jean Monnet University and the vibrant student life of Saint-Étienne !

The Jean Monnet University’s Tréfilierie campus - centrally located

The Saint-Étienne School of Economics is part of Jean Monnet University (fr). Courses take place on the Michelet site of the Tréfilerie Campus, located right in the centre of Saint-Étienne and currently undergoing a full renovation.

Also on the campus are the GATE CNRS research unit, closely linked to the School’s teaching, and the Saint-Étienne section of Sciences Po Lyon.

Access all the University’s services

SE² students can enjoy the vibrant student life on campus (fr) offered to all students of the Jean Monnet University. This includes cultural activities, sports clubs, workshops, student health insurance and student support services.

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A beautiful location

The University campus is located right in the centre of Saint-Étienne, a city with a population of 170,000.

Known as the Design Capital, Saint-Étienne is a small city and this makes it easy to get about and connect with people. In addition to its vibrant cultural life, the city is surrounded by the great outdoors. The nearby Pilat Regional Nature Park and the Forez mountains offer plenty of opportunities for open-air and sports activities.