Our partners

Partners of the Saint-Étienne School of Economics

One of the key features of the Saint-Étienne School of Economics is the wealth of our partnerships with industry and academia, in France and abroad.

Partners in academia

Our partnerships with other academic establishments enable us to reinforce the distinctive nature of our programmes, in terms of the disciplines covered and the types of careers we prepare students to embark upon.

Partner schools:

Our partners in the economic world

A second pillar of the School’s external relations is its partnerships with the professional world. These partnerships are based on the accumulated teaching experience and links forged by the School through the master’s programmes it has offered for the past twenty years in Regional Development and Data Science and Innovation Management. We also have close relations with the Fondation de l’UJM, the Transformation of Public Policy Chair, and the Public Factory at Sciences Po Lyon.

These professional partnerships not only help students as they transition into employment, they also enable the School to keep its finger on the pulse of the changing needs of the professional world and adapt its course content accordingly.

Two additional and important levers in our relations with the professional world are the range of executive programmes we offer and the possibility of undertaking one of the master’s in the form of a traineeship.