Executive education

Executive education

Our bachelor’s and master’s degrees can be followed as part of our executive education programme. Two degrees have been specifically designed for this category:
DU I2EGI (fr)  (Introduction to Economic Intelligence and Innovation Management University Diploma)
- Introduction to Political Engineering University Diploma (DUPE)

It is possible to join these programmes as a mature student and through the accreditation of prior experiential learning in various forms (VAE, VAPP and the hybrid mechanism, VAE and training).

Short, tailor-made training modules may also be offered on specific topics such as: R for economic analysis, Python for economic analysis, Introduction to network analysis, and Introduction to policy impact analysis.

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se2 @ univ-st-etienne.fr

Fabienne, strategic monitoring unit manager

The accreditation of prior experiential learning meant that I was able to join the programme. Being able to build upon my professional experience by acquiring theoretical notions, methodology and knowledge in fields that were new to me, and to discuss viewpoints and working methods with full-time students, made it an extremely valuable experience. Going back to university was a real breath of fresh air and encouraged me to make a number of plans to change my career.