The master’s programmes

The master’s programmes

Master of Economic Analysis and Policy

The Master of Economic Analysis and Policy at the Saint-Étienne School of Economics offers world class training in economics as part of an international programme. You will learn to draw on multidisciplinary approaches to guide public and private sector decision-making.
You can join the master’s programme after completing the Bachelor of Economics at SE² (priority route). Admission to the first or second year of the master’s programme is also possible via other routes. 

Master of Data Science and Innovation management

The Master of Data Science and Innovation Management was created in 2002, drawing on research into innovation economics and data mining carried out in Saint-Etienne. It encourages a multidisciplinary approach (economics, management and computer sciences). More recently, the topic of innovation policy has been added to the programme, drawing on new research carried out at the GATE CNRS research unit.

The aim is to further consolidate the School’s links with the research unit and develop content on data analysis and artificial intelligence. This master’s programme has built up sound experience and a broad network. Year 2 of the master’s is open to students from the two engineering schools located in Saint-Étienne (Mines and Télécom), offering them additional and highly sought-after skills. The mix of students from different academic backgrounds enriches the course.

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Master of regional development

The Master of Regional Development provides training in sustainable regional economic development. Year 2 of the master’s is offered as a traineeship. This multidisciplinary programme is open to students from the School of Economics and, in Year 2, to students from Sciences Po Lyon. It provides future local and regional development professionals with the skills they will need in a multi-stakeholder working environment.

The courses draw on the expertise of the School’s faculty members in urban and regional economics and planning, local public economies, project management and political science. Students spend Year 2 on a traineeship contract, alternating between the workplace and studying. They also carry out a study commissioned by a local or regional authority or organisation. The experience gained is a definite advantage when it comes to entering the labour market.

Traineeship in Year 2

Partnership with Sciences Po Lyon.

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Master of Political Engineering

Graduates of this high-level master’s programme, taught exclusively in English, have specialist knowledge of the tools used in public and private sector decision-making, institutional design and game theory, as well as the analytical and quantitative aspects of economic policies. 

Designed to strike a balance between theory and practice, this programme will introduce you to the methods, issues and contemporary theories in the economic sciences, artificial intelligence and big data.

The Master of Political Engineering teaches a range of highly sought-after skills that graduates will find useful in drawing up public policies, designing smart cities, analysing electoral policy or providing strategic and economic advice to companies and organisations.

Classes taught in English

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