The Bachelor of economics

The Bachelor of economics

This demanding programme in economics and quantitative methods, complying with the highest international standards, also includes training in computer science, management, law and political science.
Students acquire a solid foundation in general economics as well as in specific fields associated with the GATE CNRS research unit such as urban and regional economics and game theory.

An innovative major/minor programme structure

During the first two years, you will acquire the fundamentals of economics (microeconomics, macroeconomics, applied economics) and other disciplines (management, computer science, mathematics and statistics, political and legal sciences, etc.). In the third year, you will follow a core curriculum of courses leading to an ‘economics major’ in combination with an option leading to a ‘minor’ in one of the following three subjects :

  • Regional Analysis
  • Management and Finance
  • Economic Modelling and Data Sciences

Possible options

The SE² Bachelor of Economics also offers:
- an international track, in which 50% of the classes are taught in English. The programme also includes a period of study abroad (one or two terms) in the third year
- a health track, with classes in economics and in health studies given by the Faculty of Medicine
- a political science track: in Year 1 and Year 2 of the bachelor’s programme you can prepare the University Diploma in partnership with Sciences Po Lyon.

Main skills acquired during the bachelor’s programme

After three years of study on the bachelor’s programme, you will have acquired:

  • a sound general knowledge of economics
  • the ability to formalise an original economic problem
  • the ability to analyse an economic problem from multiple viewpoints
  • mastery of a programming language
  • the ability to manage and analyse data
  • familiarity with the results of economic research on major contemporary issues
  • professional-level written and oral communication skills

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