Our missions, our values


To comply with the highest international standards

The Saint-Étienne School of Economics (SE²) provides students with solid basic training in economics. All our courses comply with the highest international standards. Our multidisciplinary approach is an ideal preparation for a double degree.

We strive to offer interactive teaching and to provide personalised support for students. Limiting our class sizes helps create a sense of community. The international dimension is reflected in the significant percentage of our classes which are taught in English from Year 1 of the Bachelor.

Training in research methods is an excellent preparation for those wishing to go on to a doctoral programme or aiming for a career in organisations where a PhD is a standard requirement. Our graduates have a thorough grounding in scientific skills which they can put to good use when they enter employment.

Links with the CNRS GATE research unit - our distinctive identity

All the researchers working at the GATE CNRS research unit either teach courses at the Saint-Étienne School of Economics, or are involved in research training, particularly through the supervision of dissertations and theses.

These specific skills and our multidisciplinary approach give our School its distinctive identity focussing on collective decision-making, regional development and innovation. A PhD is considered a standard requirement for those wishing to pursue top-level careers outside academia (as consultants or within major national and international organisations). Our doctoral programme is one of the School’s major assets.

Lecturers from other research centres, including the Institut Camille Jordan and the Hubert Curien, COACTIS and Triangle research units, also teach at SE².

Helping students transition into employment

The Saint-Étienne School of Economics strives to help its students transition successfully into employment by equipping them with the specific skills required in jobs for which there is currently strong demand (data science professions) and which are attractive (economist, analyst, research officer, evaluators). 

We live in a rapidly changing society where most of the jobs of the future do not yet exist. At SE² we prepare our students to respond to future needs by helping them develop an agile mindset and an ability to ‘learn to learn’, and by providing them with opportunities to interact with the professional world.